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Alright, I'm done. I'm done. I cannot stomach one more "I wanna bone Linkara" post. either he runs this fucking tumblr, or he is sending in every single post. It's fucking insane. I get that people like him, but HOLY SHIT people, there is other stuff to talk about. I can't look at this tumblr page one more time and read this bullshit. Thanks fuckers, I never get to read about underappreciated Spoony is, how sick everyone is of Lupa and Phelous' relationship. Thanks Linkara, you stud you.

why are you asking people to stop being attracted to linkara i mean jsut





But yes, take this anon’s word people, we need submissions about Rap Critic

People just happen to really like Linkara and when is all boils down to the day those are the only submissions left. So sometimes we don’t have a choice.

And why do you people choose to complain HERE you have your own blog, and I know for a fact you do. Just complain there and quit bothering us! Although I LOVE poking fun at dumb asks like this I have other things to do, like bug Mosu.


this was worth it tho 5/11 nice ask will have u again


We could also use some secrets  about Leon Thomas, Iron Liz, or any one else who seldom gets mentioned. -Pink

20th February 5:35 PM 
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  1. out-there-on-the-maroon said: Speaking of the Rap Critic, he’s a really nice guy and was a lot of fun to be on a Pub Quiz Team with at MAGFest. You should all watch his videos. But Linkara … dayum. He’s attractive, funny, a feminist, and respects his fans. So <3
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