tgwtg reviewer submission

He’s Oan’s title card artist. Also the artist for a number of others, but mainly Kyle’s.

Just to clarify, I’ve done one-off cards or card bases for other people both on and off TGWTG but I’ve only ever been Kyle’s official full-time artist. Otherwise I’m just friends with a lot of the folks on the site and sometimes I draw them like when they need a hug or something. I’m better at hugging with pencils than with internets.

YES I AM TOTALLY SOMETIMES NOT AN ASSHOLE! Really! I promise! I… almost promise! Sort of!

…wait, am I breaking rules by submitting something about myself? OH GOD I BROKE LOGIC! D:


Hehehe, that’s exactly what I meant. You’ve done a bit for others. Yet sadly I can’t put this up as a true submiss10N B3<AU2E

yOu Bя0K3 TH3 RuL3S v3N»


2nd February 7:37 PM 
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